boracay: this is our last goodbye

I finally finished editing Boracay photos. I'm letting go of actually putting together any kind of real informational post in regards to Boracay. just. ain't. gonna. happen. so... here's a lovely little mish-mosh of our last night and morning on the island. [I still can't get over how gorgeous that beach is.]

today I am letting go of the blog every day in may challenge. I am letting go of thinking that I will blog frequently or consistently for the next six months. and I am letting go of caring about that. or at least trying to.

the next few months are going to be hectic. getting our house in order. visitors coming to visit. traveling in Taiwan. traveling elsewhere in the world. training for a ten mile race. inconsistent internet access.

I hate to be cryptic but I have something big coming up this summer. I feel like I have to share it, eventually. but right now I'm not really into announcing it to the general populace. [hint: it's not a baby] I make no promises as to when I'll get around to writing about everything, but by fall there will sure be plenty to write about.

so please, stick around.

[and maybe listen to a little Jeff Buckley]

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