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//first picture of me in Taiwan

this little blog has been up and running for over a year now. looking back, I have so many moments that I've experienced and shared. picking five favorites was a small form of torture... do I choose posts with the prettiest pictures? exotic locations? things that make me sound good?

I went a different route. I chose posts that have serious emotional connections for me. a lot of recent work would qualify for that, thanks to this challenge. but I dug way back in the archives to find stuff that some of my newer readers probably haven't seen. moments from our first few months here, adjusting and adapting. events that meant something to me, personally. posts that were hard for me to write, and scary to hit the "publish" button on.

because I am realizing a few things about this blog of mine. I am a travel blog, kindof. I am a nail blog, occasionally. I even dabble in DIY. and you are more than welcome to read this blog for those things- click on the topic links and explore away. but what this blog really is, is my story. so the posts I chose to share may not be the most beautiful or exciting or well-written that I've crafted over this past year. but they are true to the story of who I am, who I have been, and who I am becoming.

five posts, in no particular order:

1. when I was freshly unemployed and full of optimism about our upcoming move

2. the first time I set out to explore on my own and got lost but found my way home

3. exercising my right to free speech, and dealing with the consequences

4. spilling my guts about what I'm afraid of and trying to be brave [pre-scooter crash]

5. that moment when I realized Hsinchu had become "our city"

so for those of you who are new: welcome, and here's you chance to catch up on some of what you've missed. and for those of you who have been here since the start of this crazy ride: thanks for sticking around.

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  1. I found myself picking posts with an emotional connection, rather than high number of views, as well--love you how phrased that. I've enjoyed following your blog lately and am excited for more! Happy Tuesday.


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