may goals

April was kindof a big month. I taught a week of blogging classes, hiked through a gorge, turned 29, and hit 500 bloglovin followers. with all of that, I didn't quite complete last month's goals. [I was, perhaps, a bit over-ambitious.] the book made it up over 50,000 words but definitely not to 75,000. I started my 10k training plan, but the past week I've been replacing a few runs with long hikes and sightseeing days. I finished one washi tape wall project but not quite the second. and though I tweaked the blog design, I'm already itchy to change colors.

but I still accomplished a lot that was not related to these goals [that in truth was more important] so I feel like April was jam-packed and productive. even if it wasn't quite what I had pictured. my unread blog post count is insane and I'm so behind on commenting on other blogs... and it's going to stay that way until the end of this week when my friend leaves. I'm mostly just dropping by to schedule this post because my brain gets all kinds of disorderly if I don't write something every now and then.

I'm almost hesitant to set any goals for May. my friend has been here for the past week and we've been traveling and touring like crazy... and there's not much of a breather between more travels and more visitors before I fly back to the states in a month.

um... a month? holy cow.

so my goals this moth are hopefully a little more realistic:
+ enjoy the time with visiting friends and family +
+ soak up as much Taiwan as possible before leaving +
+ let go of trying to do everything, and just do what I can +

I hope your April was as awesome as mine, and that your May will be full of adventures!

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