Taroko Gorge // Xiangde Temple

if you ever make your way to Taiwan [which, you should] I suggest you take a visit to Taroko Gorge.

and while you are there, spring for a night or two at the Silks Place Taroko. aside from rooftop hot tubs and a buffet dinner, this hotel is one of few actually located in the gorge [in Tianxiang], and not in the nearby city of Hualien. this will allow you to start your day's explorations out where most of the busloads of tourists will not reach until afternoon. namely: the Xiangde Temple.

to reach the temple, cross the lotus-guarded bridge and head through the main gate. then you have to climb up a series of steep stairs and ramps winding through gardens and mountain forest. if you wander to the right, you can find the giant white bodhisattva statue peering down over the gorge.

the Xiangde Temple sits on a large terrace with spectacular views, and is surrounded by several smaller buildings and statues. there is one famous golden statue on the cliff edge, but it was under restoration when we visited.

the Tian Feng pagoda is located nearby, and you can climb to the top for more fantastic views. [but really, I couldn't find a view in Taroko that wasn't fantastic.] over the next few weeks I'll be showing you more scenes from this gorgeous place, so I hope you enjoy green mountains and blue rivers and bright temples...

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