Tokyo Disneyland // easter egg hunt

I know what you're thinking... wasn't Easter over a month ago? well, in the magical world of Tokyo Disneyland, Easter lasts from March until the end of June. there was an Easter-themed parade that ran through the park several times per day, and plenty of decorations and merchandise to match the theme.

throughout the park they also scattered small statues of various characters transformed into eggs. we quickly became obsessed with finding these adorable statues and snapping photos. if you read Japanese, you can purchase an official easter egg hunt game and win a special prize. but for us, we just had fun.

usually the characters can be found in the garden/landscaped areas near their themed rides, but there are a few we spotted hiding in odd locations. they have both standard and expert egg hunt courses, so you'll have to look both up and down and in the shrubbery to find them all.

I won't give away all the magic, but seriously. these things were too cute not to share. what's better than your favorite character made even more adorable by compressing it into an egg shape?

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Hey there! I'm Jess, a former Texan now living the expat life in a small town on the coast of England. I am married to a Dutch guy I met at college and we have a five year old daughter with a very British accent. My blog The Fly Away American chronicles my life living abroad and my travels around the world.

any travel plans or goals you have for this year? I just got back from a trip to the US and Canada and have been exploring more of England during my free time. I head to Italy, Indonesia, Canada and India later this year which I am incredibly excited about.

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