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I'm back from a magical weekend in Japan! I have so much I want to share about our trip, but for starters I'm going to launch a new blog series: travel by iPhone. you see, I've been busy traveling for the past few weeks [first Taroko + Taipei, then Tokyo] and will be busy traveling more for the next few months. my brother arrives for a visit on Thursday, and then in June I'm flying back to the US for summer [where I'll be traveling all over Michigan, and to California and Texas.] poor me, right?

I'm going to do the best I can to keep the blog going during all this fun + travel madness, and the best solution seems to be sharing photos taken on my phone. some of them may look familiar if you follow me on instagram, but I also think sharing these iPhone photos on the blog will keep me from spamming your feed [maybe.] I've already done this for a few of my previous trips, but I figured why not make it official?

our first day at the park, it rained. at first I was really upset about it. we didn't bring any rain gear and had to purchase a pair of umbrellas to get us through the day. BUT. my disappointment was short-lived. the rain turned out to be to our advantage as it kept the crowds way down.

also, I was just really really excited to be at Disneyland.

by the afternoon, the sun was shining. thanks to the low crowds we were able to ride almost everything we wanted to on our first day, with our longest wait being only 1 hour [for Space Mountain.] I'll be going into more details on  the rides and how we used fastpass to avoid waits later, but I will say that you absolutely want to take advantage of them.

I'm also going to stop here to warn you that 70% of the rest of this post is castle photos.

that night the fireworks show was canceled, but the castle was lit up and looking gorgeous. we went back to the hotel where I soaked my aching feet and had a glass of wine, and crafted a plan of attack for the next day.

our second day the weather was better, though the crowds were bigger. since we mastered the fastpass planning, we rode everything we wanted and still only had one wait that was an hour long [this time for Pooh's Hunny Hunt.] over the course of our two day visit we managed 15 different rides, with a few of those two or three times.

clearly, I developed an obsession with taking pictures of/with the castle. my thanks to Husband who tolerated this with good humor, and coped by furthering his collection of "pictures of Jamie taking pictures." [one of which can be spotted earlier in this post.]

our trip was, in a word, magical. I hadn't been to Disney in the longest time and I felt just like a kid again... I laughed and even cried at points I loved it so much. this was certainly the perfect way to celebrate turning 29 - by reminding myself that you can still be a kid at heart no matter what the numbers say.

I can't wait to share more with you over the next few weeks! please let me know if you have any specific questions about visiting Tokyo Disneyland and I'll do my best to answer them in upcoming posts [or by email.]

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