it's been a while since I've done a "currently" type post, but I'm taking a break from travel stories to share a few updates on everyday life. [or as everyday as things have been lately.]

creating: things with stamps. not that I really need more crafty things... but I picked up these tiny letter stamps the other day. the stationary store here is one of my major weaknesses. at least I didn't buy any more washi tape?

considering: a blog redesign. ok, I'm pretty much always considering a blog redesign. but lately I've been thinking it's time to either suck it up and learn how to do some proper coding, or bite the bullet and shell out some cash for a professional. recommendations on designers [or coding tutorials] are welcome.

recovering: from a "get your foot stuck in some rocks while crossing a stream and fall in" incident. my brother and I went hiking by Wulai Falls yesterday and in our quest to adventure my clumsiness got the better of me. my foot has a lovely bruise developing, but thankfully the rest of me [and my camera] escaped unharmed.

packing: for my flight back to America next week. last summer before flying back I was sick, so just grabbed clothes and shoved them in a bag. there was no planning, and when I arrived and unpacked I found my summer wardrobe quite impractical. but this year I have a list! I may not get everything together to do a "3 months traveling the USA" version of my "10 days in Bali" packing post, but I'm confident that the right things will at least make it into my bag this time.

sweating: every day, all the time. summer is here in full force. it's been hot and humid... so much that even the tigers were swimming when we visited the zoo. I'm definitely looking forward to the cooler temperatures of a Michigan summer!

reading: Game of Thrones. I read books 1-4 back in 2008, but I had pretty much forgotten everything that happened after the Red Wedding. I've caught back up and passed most of what is happening on the show this season now, though I'm saving book 5 for the flight back to the US. usually I'm a huge fan of books over movies/shows, but HBO has really done a great job of editing and streamlining the story. they cut out a lot of extraneous things and give you more of what you want [in my opinion]

adventuring: all over Taiwan. last weekend we went to a baseball game in Taichung, have been in or through Taipei at least twice this week, and have been exploring Hsinchu as well. I love having visitors and getting to play tourist. a part of me is definitely ready for a break from Taiwan, but traveling around and seeing all the sights reminds me that despite all the challenges I really do love it here.

planning: for upcoming posts. I have plenty of Disney and then the non-Disney of Tokyo left to share, as well as Taroko Gorge and our current Taiwan travels. it seems to me that I always encounter a stretch of time where I travel a lot, and the posts end up stretch out over the following months. hopefully you won't be too confused as I post about Japan and Taiwan while back in the states!

craving: some Din Tai Fung soup dumplings. thankfully I'll be able to indulge my craving in a few hours, as we have plans to take my brother there tonight. DTF is on our "must-do" list with visitors, and I need to get my fill before leaving for summer.

what are you up to currently?

the cup of coffee that fueled the writing of today’s post was sponsored by Amy. she drinks her coffee americano style, extra hot, with steamed soy and a bit of honey and blogs about gluten free cooking, marriage, and life in Alaska over at Lovely Does It.

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