I'm ready to go back to Taiwan

I woke up this morning and sat out on the patio to drink my morning coffee and write this post. that's pretty awesome. but then the craziness of "I'm an expat living at home for the summer with things left to do before I leave" happened.

Husband came out to remind me that we need to get international drivers permits, so that turned into 30 minutes of conversation and trying to figure out how and where to get it done. by then I was too hungry to go for the run I had planned once I was done blogging. and after breakfast we realized that we needed ingredients for making pizza for the nephews for dinner. so I showered and we left, stopping to run another errand that involved 2 stops and 5 phone calls. by the time we got back it was 2pm. we scarfed down the takeout sushi we has snagged and I went to work on the pizza dough. while it was rising, we went through our finances because a: we are meeting with our financial advisor on wednesday and I have plans tuesday, and b: flying back to and traveling around the US all summer gets expensive. then it was time to make the pizzas and eat the pizzas.

and finally, 12 hours after I originally planned to finish this post, I'm here. [here specifically being in the back bedroom of my mother-in-law's house where it's quiet.]

suffice it to say: I'm ready to head back to Taiwan. we have 10 days left here and I plan to enjoy them as best as I can [of course] but there are a few things I'm really excited to do once I'm back in our expat home...

get back to my routine. 

vacation can be fun, but when you're never in one place for more than a week... the constant newness can get old. staying with family, borrowing cars, trying to fit in plans with everyone means every day is different. and usually, your schedule is dependent on [or at least affected by] someone else's. in Taiwan, I'm spoiled in that I get to wake up every morning and pretty much do whatever I want. I can set my own routine with the only considerations being "how much food is in our fridge?" and "do I have clean underwear?"

be healthy. 

making time to exercise this summer has been... a challenge. I've been getting out to run once or twice a week, and that's just not enough for me. we have also been eating a TON of amazingly delicious and not-very-good-for-you foods. most of these things we don't have access to in Taiwan, and may not see for another year [or two] so we eat them while we can. I am thrilled that I can have easy access to things like gluten free beer and bread. I am not thrilled about the snugness of my jeans.


I was pretty ambitious in thinking I would get my book finished and edited this summer. um, no. that didn't happen. and now that my blog vacation is over, I have to work posts and emails and sponsor management back into the equation as well. but when faced withe the choice of catching up on blogs vs. grabbing a drink with old friends or playing video games with my nephews... I think you know what I've been doing.

plan more travels. 

is it silly to say I want to go home so I can plan to leave again? maybe, but this is going to be another big travel year for us. I'm hoping to take a girls weekend to Hong Kong Disney, we are spending 3 weeks in New Zealand over Chinese New Year, and I'll be chaperoning a student trip that travels from Budapest and Bucharest down to Istanbul over the course of two weeks next summer. we also have friends visiting in October and I plan to give them the full hiking/eating Taiwan experience around the island. planning travel is one of my favorite things, and I can't wait to dive in and sort this all out.

have my own space. 

I love our families, but living with your parents at age 29 can get a little cramped. especially after the freedom of my recent lifestyle. I'm used to waking up and having the apartment to myself, being able to get ready and have breakfast at my own pace, work in my office or go to Starbucks or really do anything and all at my own pace. and with blissful silence. [guys, I'm an introvert. and I need my silence.] I miss my office and my scooter and our bed and just... I miss home and our space.

am I the only one who feels a 2 1/2 month vacation might be a little too long? does this only happen to expats returning to their home country for a visit? I've had a wonderful summer and it's been great to see everyone... but I miss my scooter and my dragons and my dumplings and my everyday life.

Taiwan, I'm ready to come home.

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