sunset on the Ludington lakeshore

when it comes to beaches and sunsets, I'm partial to Lake Michigan. and when it comes to Lake Michigan beaches... I'm partial to Ludington. I was able to spend a few weeks there this summer while visiting the US. we try to make it a habit to walk down to the beach around sunset. the clouds and weather this year were not very cooperative, but on this particular evening I was able to get a handful of shots.

can you see why I love this place? I know that having grown up in Michigan and spending many childhood summers here makes me biased, but Ludington will always be one of my favorite places to watch a sunset.

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and now I want to take the opportunity to introduce my featured sponsor this month. Sara is the expat behind the blog Bristol in my Pocket. if you're heading to England [or just dreaming of it], I would suggest checking out her travel guides and her recent posts on the gorgeous shoreline of Wales.

Hey y’all! I’m Sara, a Texas girl who found herself in England. About a year ago I decided I hated the idea of “settling down”, so I moved to a city I had never been to and a country where I knew absolutely no one. Bristol In My Pocket is a place for me to document my expat life and other things that interest me (history, photography, traveling, and food of course). Hope y’all enjoy!

any travel plans or goals you have for this year [or have done already] that you'd like to share? I quite enjoy taking day trips to places around England. I believe it’s important to explore your own backyard. However, I’m hoping to make a trip over to Amsterdam later this year to finally experience one of Europe’s most beautiful cities!

what is one thing you'd love to learn how to do? This is going to sound so lame, but this past year I’ve learned how to transcribe medieval manuscripts. As a medieval history masters student, transcribing documents is essential to my research.

two of your favorite posts: Overcoming my fear of small spaces was difficult, but in the end the view was absolutely amazing. Cabot Tower showcases Bristol's amazing beauty. The Cliffs of Moher were always on my list of places to go one day. The fact that I can now cross that off my list is so rewarding!

where would you dream trip take you? My dream trip would be to travel around Europe, spending at least a month in each country. I love throwing myself into new cultures and learning to overcome the smallest of tasks, like conquering public transport. On my dream trip, I would be able to spend enough time in each country to understand its culture a little more.

describe yourself in 3 words: Restless. Independent. Fearless (at least I try to be).

read more about Sara on her blog: Bristol in my Pocket
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