the writer's block: summer vacation catch-up

we're already more than halfway through August, which just seems crazy to me. in the madness of this summer I haven't had time to keep up with all of my favorite bloggers - but lucky for me [and you] three of them are here today to help get us back up to speed. these women are all passionate creatives and travelers, so I know you'll love them as much as I do! read on below, then stop by their blogs to say hello.

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I'm Megan. Inspiring, encouraging and empowering are the words you should expect to hear on the Artistic Brunette! AB's mission is to do all these things and more through weekly posts on advice for your career pursuit, travel, DIY, non-profit, lifestyle and more. Visit AB to be encouraged to live a creative, fun-filled life. Let's be pals!

catch us up on your summer with some posts:

where did you travel this summer? I actually did a lot of traveling at the beginning of this summer. My mother and I took off on an adventure to Scotland, Ireland and England in May after I graduated. It was a great time, and I loved seeing the Scotland countryside. Make sure to check-out my favorite posts on Scotland: Edinburgh and Driving Britain.

what is one thing you want to do/see/accomplish before September and fall arrive? I really want to get a good handle on my new job! I just started this last June, and I want to be comfortable by the end of this month. I also plan to see Houston!

any travel plans for fall [or for next summer?] I am planning to visit Houston, Texas at the end of this month! My best friend just moved to the city, and I can't wait to explore it with her.

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I'm Marielle, a twenty-something dilettante, thinker, and quiet smirker. I'm also a former expat and EFL teacher who's still readjusting to life back in the States. This Flooded Sky is where I write about travel, culture, feminism, and other assorted rants.

catch us up on your summer with some posts:
How I embraced being a "feminist" + the F-Word link up
Would you go a year without makeup?
Living life in Hangzhou
Local exploration

where did you travel this summer? My boyfriend and I are saving up for a vacation in October, so we've just done some local exploration and hiking at Ohiopyle in PA. We're also planning on going to the beach with some friends in a few weeks.

what is one thing you want to do/see/accomplish before September and fall arrive? Before summer ends, I want to apply to some jobs and work seriously on my writing. And maybe finish knitting this sweater for my boyfriend that I started around this time last year. Maybe.

the best meal you ate this summer - what was it and where did you have it? The best meal so far was a good old-fashioned cookout in my backyard with fresh burgers, homemade buns, bacon, and feta cheese. I love summertime grilling.

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I'm Christina, the girl behind the scenes here at Route Bliss. I'm a 30-something single wannabe vagabond whose practicality and realist side keeps her planted in East Texas. By weekday I write lots of reports at my job as well as daydream frequently where I want to travel to next, ways to motivate myself to getting fit for health and happiness's sake, and experimenting in the kitchen to make my favorite not so healthy foods healthier. I also like to take lots of photos of pretty things, furry critters (aka canines and felines), and beautiful destinations.

catch us up on your summer with some posts:

what is your favorite memory you made this summer? Spending time with my Austrian penpal while she was in Texas during her US travels

what is one thing you want to do/see/accomplish before September and fall arrive? Headed to Little Rock over Labor Day weekend to visit the best friend and photograph her bridal portraits. Hope to catch up on blog related emails and comments before September as well!

any travel plans for fall [or for next summer?] Aside from the Labor Day trip to LR, one more back up there in October for the BFF's wedding, maybe a early winter weekend trip within East Texas. Hoping for a long roadtrip next year ...

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