travel by iPhone: Detroit

like the tank top my dad had in the 80's said: "Detroit is no place for wimps." it's full of fighters who believe in their city. but what might surprise you is that it's also full of artists, new development, local businesses, great music and some darn tasty food.

it's been a while since I've had an installation of my travel by iPhone series, and given that I'm back in the mitten... I need to show Detroit some love.

yesterday afternoon we went downtown to walk around the Campus Martius area, Hart Plaza, Renaissance Center, and the Riverfront Park. you never know what you'll find in Detroit: buildings old + new, food trucks + gourmet restaurants, and all forms of art + music. we even found Taiwan!

how cool is this community library box in the riverside park? in recent years, large companies have started moving offices back downtown, and around lunchtime the streets are filled with professionals out for a stroll or sunning and reading in the park. this also helps support the smaller local businesses in the area, and creates even more jobs.

after wandering around and enjoying the free live lunchtime music, we drove further out to the Corktown neighborhood to eat some tasty tasty barbecue at Slow's. the nearby train station is still abandoned, but the lot where old Tiger Stadium was has been converted to a neighborhood baseball diamond.

and this is only a small slice of what you can find in Detroit these days. the Eastern Market, the DIA,  and Belle Isle are just a few more ideas. if you haven't been in a while - or ever - I suggest taking a detour through Detroit and checking things out.

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