hiking to Big Sable Point

I have a soft spot for lighthouses. growing up in Michigan and being surrounded by the Great Lakes [and having a mother who is a little obsessed with lighthouses] I have visited my fair share. Big Sable Point is one of my favorites. partially because you have to hike, bike, or boat to get there.

the most direct route involves a straight but sandy path back from the Pines campground, and is a little less than 2 miles. you can bike this way. but the road runs between the woods and the dunes so in some spots it can get a little tough with all the blown over sand.

or you can hike out on the aptly named Lighthouse Trail. this trail starts in the woods, then emerges onto the dunes. your shoes will definitely be full of sand by the time you make it to the lighthouse... but that's why you take them off and dip your toes in Lake Michigan when you get there.

you can pay a small fee to go inside the lighthouse for a tour and to climb to the top. [we opted to skip that given our hike was going to be 5 miles round trip and we've all been up before.] instead we enjoyed the view from "sea" level and took a snack break.

crossing the dunes from the woods to the lake can be really warm, especially in the low areas where you are shielded by wind. since it was a hot day we decided to follow the shoreline back to link up with the Coast Guard Trail. not only did this mean we had a lovely lake breeze, but we could walk barefoot in the cold water.

[check out the Michigan DNR website for more information on hiking this and other trails at Ludington State Park.]

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