cats of Thailand, part 3

here's a light and fluffy post for you: more cat pictures from Thailand. because, who doesn't love kittens? [also, is it sad this is my third post about cats from Thailand? wait... don't answer that.]

we came across this guy during our last visit to Railay and he looked really familiar... maybe from this post?

he was just a baby last time we saw him! I have to say seeing him all grown up and healthy made me really really happy. he was sitting on the stoop of the mini mart that I had seen him in before, so obviously the owner is taking care of him.

this little one was so sweet. she followed us for a bit and ran right up to be pet. I contemplated scooping her up and taking her with us... but I don't think customs would have been cool with it.

also, please note that while I love cats and will occasionally pet stray ones I see... I always wash my hands thoroughly afterwards and NEVER approach a cat who looks hurt, scared, or mean. mostly, I just take pictures.

I mean... how do you resist taking a picture when you come across cats cuddling? answer: you don't.

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