life lately

with a little over a week left in the states, I've been trying to fit a lot into life lately. between the full moon, 40 trips to Target, and trying to subtract from my to-do list faster than I add to it, I'm feeling pretty scatterbrained. what I haven't been doing? editing photos. keeping up with blog reading. sleeping enough. so how about a list for today's blogtember post? and some fall-looking instagrams? ok.

1. running errands and shopping like a madwoman on a mission. when we moved to Taiwan last summer I thought I was prepared [at least wardrobe-wise] but I was soooo not. and I had this idea that "if I'm not going to wear it in the next 2 years do I really need it?" so I donated 98% of the clothes I didn't take. which meant a lot of shopping this summer for basic things like tshirts and undies which, yes, they do sell in Taiwan. but not cut for my American curves.

2. trying not to be overcome by packing anxiety. our travels while abroad have significantly improved the way I pack, with my greatest accomplishment being our weekend trip to Hong Kong. [I packed a long skirt, a pair of shorts, a scarf, a jean jacket, and 3 tshirts.] but having only 48 hours between our trip to Thailand and heading back to the states, and the fact I was suffering from some seriously evil flu bug/food poisoning at the time means I basically grabbed stuff and threw it in a bag for our trip home. that usually means you bring too much, and I totally did. combined with all the shopping [for both me + Husband] it means I'm checking a 3rd bag, and even so I'm probably going to be close on the weight. the good news? my first bag was successfully packed and is already ready to go!

3. squashing in as much family/friend/food time as my schedule and stomach will allow. I won't be seeing these people for another year, so hanging out with them while I can has been taking precedence over things like laundry and packing. also. I've been eating everything I won't be able to get back in Taiwan: gluten-free burger buns, bbq pulled pork, Jimmy John's unwiches, real ranch dressing, real bacon, spinach greens, gluten-free beer and bread and pizza etc etc. [good thing I bought new yoga pants.]

4. getting excited to start the everyday happy e-course. am I a little crazy to sign up for a 6 week course that starts the day before I fly back to Taiwan? maybe. but I think it will help me adjust back into expat life, and Melyssa is just plain awesome.

5. looking forward to heading back home to Taiwan. if you couldn't tell from me mentioning it in every paragraph of this post. it's been great to be back, but I soooo miss Husband. and Din Tai Fung. euchre nights. watching movies with Husband. having my own space... my chevron wall and my chalkboard wall and my red desk in my office. seeing dragons everywhere. not having to overhear everyone else's conversations. trying new restaurants with Husband. driving my scooter around all the traffic instead of having to wait in line to turn left with all the other cars. and well, Husb you get the point.

so basically, my life lately has turned into one big countdown to Taiwan. what's going on in your life?

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