living the dream

if you read this blog, you know that while my current country of residence is Taiwan, I am back in the states visiting family + friends for two months. and you also know that the month before that I spent traveling around Taiwan and vacationing in Thailand. [including time spent on my favorite beach, above, in Railay]

so when I saw today's prompt for blogtember: if you could take 3 months out of your current life to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? I thought, well I'm already doing it.

[I don't want to rub it in anyone's face. I don't want to be one of those look-at-my-life-it's-so-awesome-be-jealous people. but I feel it needs to be said I fully realize how awesome my life is, and that I am truly truly grateful to have the freedom to spend my time this way.]

are there things I would change? sure. I'd love for Husband to have been able to stay with me in the states. I'd love to have unlimited funding while I'm here so I could rent a cabin up north and fly all my American pals up to hang out for a week, drinking and sunning and catching up. I'd love to have spent a few weeks in Turkey or Italy or California before heading back to the mitten. or, you know, to win the powerball...

but seriously. I've been able to spend the last few months traveling the world, vacationing on exotic beaches, and also seeing the people I love. working on my tan, eating amazing food, snapping endless photos, cuddling with my kittens. that's pretty awesome. in fact, I don't know if I can come up with something I'd rather do more than that.

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