seven things + three awkward photos : a self-portrait

1. this is me. sitting on a giant piece of driftwood, on the shore of Lake Michigan.

2. we drove out to the beach grass and sand dunes of Ludington State Park for sunset last night. a place that holds a lot of memories. there was some clashing of childhood ideals and adult realities. again.

3. but it was also the best sunset of the week, so far. did I mention we are back in Ludington this week? well, we are. and this was our fourth cloud-infested sunset. I'm hoping saturday skies prove to be more clear because... I'm going to be taking a photography workshop this weekend with my dad, led by the guys who shoot the "Pure Michigan" campaign. [kindof a big deal.] 

I'm very excited, and a little bit nervous. we are bringing 5 of our best shots for them to critique, and are going to do group review of the stuff we shoot during the sunrise/sunset sessions on saturday. [who, me? nervous about being judged?] I know a decent amount about the technical aspects of photography, but mostly I shoot with my gut and not always my brain. I'm an aperture priority girl, but I'm trying to keep an open mind about manual.

4. you may have noticed things look a little different around here. I may have procrastinated editing photos for today by making new banners and badges inspired by my yellow bicycle shirt. and 45 minutes later, that turned into a new blog design. what do you think... love it? hate it? [let's be honest, you're probably just proud I kept my last design for almost 6 months without changing it on you!]

5. funny story about this photo. I set up in the park by the harbor right after the Badger came in. most of the people in the park were there to watch the boat, or playing on the playground, so I thought I was safe to shoot some undercover selfies. [though, is it a selfie if it's not on your cell phone?] I sat on this little post thing and shot with my remote, then decided to stand up on it for a few shots, and then did some awkward flailing. after, I looked over at the boat you see in the left of the shot. there was totally a man sitting in the... what do you call the "cockpit" area on a boat? anyway, he was in there, and had obviously seen my entire photoshoot in all it's weird and awkward glory.

6. well, let's see. today's blogtember challenge is a self-portrait. you got 2 pictures of me, mention of childhood issues and one of my deepest fears, a new blog design, and an embarrassing story. in list form. I think that paints about the most accurate description of me you can get.

7. oh wait... one more awkward photo. just for good measure.

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