dear readers: a love letter

I seriously thought about writing a love letter to coffee for this blogtember topic. or maybe to my camera. [ok, and also maybe to my cats.] but I decided to write a love letter to you instead: my readers, all different kinds of them...

to the people who comment: you make my day when I see your notifications in my email. I think anyone who blogs understands how much a blogger loves a comment, especially the good in-depth ones or the ones that let you know your words spoke to someone. thank you commenters for your support, for your insight, and for your beautiful words.

to the silent readers: I know you're out there. I'd love to know you better, but I understand. I've been one too. thanks for reading anyway, I love you just the same. 

to the people who don't know me in real life: I love how the internet can lead us to like-minded people, thousands of miles away, and let us connect. some of you have become "real" friends even though we've never "met." and some of you I don't know yet, but maybe someday I will.

to the people who DO know me in real life: I know most of you don't comment, but every time one of you tells me you read my blog, my heart smiles. [my face, too. but it goes all the way down to my heart] for those who have told me I'm a great writer or a beautiul photographer or even an integral part of their morning routine... thank for for your love and support, it truly means the world to me.

to my fellow expat bloggers: thank you for showing me I'm not alone in trying to understand the complexity of living life in a foreign culture. you gave me a niche to call home, and you've shown me a thousand new places to add to my travel wishlist. 

to the people who used to read my baking blog: to be honest, I'm surprised you stuck around. but oh so glad. I may not have an oven anymore, but my life is still filled with love and [a little bit of] butter.

to the people who just started reading: thanks for stopping by. blogging challenges are a wierd time to find a new blog, but I hope you like what you see and decide to stick around.


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